(18) LIVING HERE – May Our Guns Go Silent.

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Let’s continue this little report on living here with a caveat: I make no claim to know anything other than love, and, like Walt Whitman during the Civil War, pretty much find myself to be all that really interests me these days. That “myself” includes you; we are not, and have never been, separate. And it includes all that’s going on wherever we live too – in fact, as well as in fantasy; in the media, as well as in our daily lives. We are Everyman and Everything – all the “noise” that our personal living generates. And of course, what’s behind that noise. And it may be there we find that powerfully delicate joy of living in chaotic times.

Inspiration in Madness

So the topic that presents itself today is, perhaps oddly, Inspiration In Madness! By “madness” I mean insanity which we could call “a disconnection with reality as it is”. I find lots of this delusion and subsequent conflict all over the place, and I know you do too. But just for a minute, let’s leave the madness aside, and talk about some of the things that inspire us – that may help make those internal (if not external) guns go silent. You know, the things that really make us deeply, profoundly, happy. By that I mean sweetly yet simply content, and even inspired, to sing like a bird in a Newtown or Anytown school yard. (Or anywhere that violence erupts, like suffering, from our ignorance of who we are.) It’s here, or nowhere, that inspiration arises. This inspiration is a kind of communion; a singing without a singer, not so much above and beyond events, but with and within them. A resounding compassion for all that is.

The singer is the song

Inspiration seems to arise from a simple dialoging with myself, me-to-me. In the middle of all that contemporary living in the US would have us believe – that life should be other than it is – we may yet find the hand of a loving presence, the movement of spirit perpetually healing itself.

A lot of Red Bull intensity comes out of the end of guns: The big guns that the media mouths fire day and night; the big guns that conflicted politicians pack into the nations courthouses. Yes, and the little guns that we – you and me – point, prod and otherwise misfire under the heavy influence of a drug called Desire. The desire to have and to hold what we, in our conditioned, conflicted and conflicting minds think, is real and right, good and bad. For it is in thought that we may find the source of all our suffering. (We could also explore power and greed, but they too, are desires, and the only antidote for the disease of all desires is ultimately, love.)

Perceiving the mind

It’s useful, and more than comforting, to move out of the usual and limited seeing of life with our mind – that is, the viewing of reality from our mental conceptions about it – to allow for a much deeper recognition of our direct, non-ideated perceptions. Our own direct perceiving is a tool to explore the many aspects of this precious jewel we call “life” and to see more and more clearly what it is by virtue of seeing what it is not –the minds’ ideas and ideals founded on concepts of right and wrong. And to see what is, is to look into the true nature of things – to sense the fundamental unity behind it all. It’s like the T- shirt my good friend Tom brought back from Thailand. The front reads: “SAME, SAME.” The back: “BUT DIFFERENT”
So, let’s explore ultimate perceptions for a moment. I use the word “ultimate” here and always with a bow to the recognition that I do not know with my mind; that knowing these things as truth, can only be intuited and never defined, measured or otherwise described, much less spoken or written about by the minds’ wording of the wordless.

An App called “Sincerity”

A little sincerity poured gently into old rusted, cast iron locks of the mind, opens the doors of perception. The cold stone threshold of truth is then and thereby crossed not so much with courage, as trust. An active trusting that dissolves the locks (fears) that personally, historically and habitually have kept us from exploring our RBQ’s – Really Big Questions. And ultimately, what we find behind these RBQ’s – and the thunder of the guns – is our personal, petty and perpetual Fears. Fears that only become visible in the fog of the war constantly waged by our minds when we see them fully for what they, in truth, are. For it is there, and nowhere else, we may find peace. And you’ll find you already have, and in fact are, this peace, once you sniff the truth of your own being. It’s the power there – in knowing for yourself the “perfume of truth” as Jean Klein puts it – that brings us into a graceful contact with reality.

Sincerity is the key that opens the door to truth. That truth is what’s being explored here; a reality that’s always and only perceived moment-to-moment – here and now.

“What’s going on here?”

For four decades, I travelled the world in search of answers to my RBQ’s. We could say my path was the path of curiosity, but perhaps that’s the path of Everyman, sooner or later? Even if, maybe, just now, that curiosity about reality hasn’t presented itself to everyman – never mind, sooner or later, it probably will. (Indeed, it will surface – even if we don’t have that particular bewildering question now…in the course of things –as life would have it – we’re likely to get answers to questions we’ve never had!) But don’t worry about it, because, again, what’s ultimately going on here has only one answer: love.

Love is what we are and this is.

Real love is found when we find our Self – our natural well-being even in the middle of mayhem. We find in ourselves all that is human, conflicted and delusional, and all that’s divine, whole and infinitely peaceful. We are both. The two are one Love, despite and inspite of, appearances. And discovering (or rather uncovering) this love begins with authentic inquiry about the real nature of what we are and this is. It begins not with reference to society, to laws, to authority, to others, but always and only, right at home – here, in our willingness to really see that, as J. Krishnamurti says, “we do not love.”

We don’t love our Self totally.

Turning on our inbuilt Sincerity App, we may find a lot of missed-understandings about this thing we call “love.” We may discover that we think that love is something like a merit that is given to some worthies and not to others; we think that love is a “forever” feeling even though our experience tells us that that love comes and goes. And we may find that we feel that this “love” is a relationship of give and take based on our fears – a trading off of desires for security, a manipulated and negotiated exchange. But life in its very nature, is neither good nor bad, neither right not wrong, “except we make it so” as Shakespeare said six centuries ago.

Real love endures because it remains in adversity. We don’t learn to love; we don’t try to love; we don’t invent new ways to love – we are love. We find it when the guns go silent, when the smoke of misunderstanding clears, when we stop, look and listen inside to our real loving nature – our one and only Self – the greater Me that is compassionate behind, and beyond, appearances.

To repeat what has been said before here may be useful: (some things are worth repeating, if only to hear them differently)
Reality remains when thought
falls away.
Truth remains when falseness
falls away.
Peace remains when struggle
falls away.

All that remains is love.And that seeing of what remains is essential to living here. It’s that seeing that takes over our daily living with all of its ordinariness. It’s that seeing of what remains that is at the heart of living in real time, timelessly. Call it what you may – Love, God, Buddha, Awareness, it’s the one and only, first and last, solid and living, truth of our nature and our being that does not pass. And the nature of that love is a serene silence.

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