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The Eyes Of Time

6/    We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.                                               ( T.S. Eliot )   If  death is the end of the illusion of being a person, birth is the beginning of that  […]

The Good Ship Nirvana

7/      “Nothing is real but God. Nothing matters but love for God.”                                            ( Maher Baba )    In  sailing, as in living, there’s a place we all find our selves in, sooner or later –it’s  called the Doldrums. Now the term “Doldrums”  describes an area off the east coast  of  Africa well known and  […]

A Song To This

8/  There  is  This, this  Love. There  is  this, this  Infinitude. There  is  this, this  Silence. There  is  this, this  Mystery. There  is  this, this  Kiss. All  there  is is  this.  

The Uncarved Block

9/  The uncarved block  contains all  possibilities. Its  renderings are  wonder  and  beauty. From  One  it  yields  many. From  No-thing, myriad  somethings. From  Love  it  produces  Itself. The  uncarved  block is  clear, lucid, solid  as  Reality, Yet  it has  no  qualities, No  measure,  no  values. It  contains  Life But  does  not  hold  it. Secure,  it  […]

The Hands Of Self

10/         This is one of those mornings when I stare into blankness and  wonder what  to say  about it. The pauses are protracted, punctuated by an occasional still – born thought that doesn’t gain  traction. I sit quietly receptive, willing to wait. Mind reminds me of the kind of willingness of which Lao Tzu […]

Losing Face

11/   For the past fifteen years or so, I have watched the sunlight and the lamplight play across  a pair of 1800 year olds on my dining room buffet. They’re Han Dynasty  (200 BC – 200 AD)  Chinese terracotta funeral figures, about 15 inches tall; one is an Archer with wide sleeved, flowing arms outstretched […]

What Men And Women Really Want

12/     I have approximately 23,336 days today on my body’s odometer. Mind and body are showing a lot of road. As Leonard Cohen puts it: “I ache in the parts I used to play.”  The bones ache, the gut aches, the brain aches. Everything leaks too! The contraption is always in the garage for […]

Wonderlove – A Pretty Good Place

13/   It  seems I’ve broken the Eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not give up!” a lot lately. I have given up practically everything I don’t need. Well, everything I don’t think I need. There’s a kind of abandonment of thought in favor of   simple being. It’s as if the fist of my mind has relaxed. There’s  […]

The Master Idler

14/  “He abides in the Self, detached from all activities, mental or physical…true happiness belongs to such a master-idler…”                                                              ( Unknown Zen Master ) Life seems so much like an experiment in doing, in selecting, in editing our story to leave out the bad parts and leave in the good. We are daily at […]

A Helleva Surprise!

16/       When two realities collide, we’re in for a helleva surprise! I’m talking about that mouthless scream  we all have when we see  we’re  wedged tight between our contradictions; when we’re in such a tight place we can’t breathe, and yet somehow we must! At first, the old tricks do the trick and we […]