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Mind – a beautiful tool

28/   nondual advaita  “ We confuse the world as it is with the world as it is thought  about, talked about and figured about –the world as it is discribed.”                                                 Allen Watts      The Germans have a word for it –a  “hintegedanka”. The word is a hint about something we all relate to, if only […]

Our First Nature

3/    Lately, I’ve been hanging out at the corner of 62nd and College watching  life like a mountain stream  flowing by bearing  passing greetings with the autumn leaves. And there’s the occasional friendly meeting too, where a bunch of us get caught in a swirling backwater  for a few moments, circling in convivial chatter. We […]

Love and never parting.

To our dear friend, Giovanni Puglia, to your heart and joy in living; curiousity and earnestness in relationship, friend: Thankyou for your generousity, your kindness, your laugh. I want to say ” your life” but we know this life was never personally “ours”. It has, and will always belong to love.  Infinite, beautiful, living love. Gio, thankyou […]