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The Content of Now

   The other day, I heard a New York Times Best Selling author say that, having written some thirteen novels, he realized that words were not important; that “it’s all about the story”. In my writing, I show little taste for “the story” and only so much sweetening in words as it takes to wash […]

See What Happens!…

SEE WHAT HAPPENS!… An ongoing series of  short articles written in the moment, about the moment, in the spirit of “see what happens!”.     ” What we need is an ever deepening inquiry into how spirit dances as this very life, for what we call “life” is but an expression of spirit and therefore fully spirit […]

The Dawning

1/  You are nothing but real, whole and happy already! Everything you thought you were is all illusion. All thought by no-one, about no-one. This no-one that you are is also everyone. You are the whole of everyone and everything – All  that is experienced All that is known All that is unknown All that […]

A Short Story About Truth

2/   There is nothing to know or do. There is no person to know or do anything.  There is only one timeless, formless Self expressed in time and form. You are this wordless, self-less, infinitude. This  truth is One endless unfolding of non-personal love and compassion. Realizing and accepting  what is  ends  all stories and […]

Our First Nature

3/    Lately, I’ve been hanging out at the corner of 62nd and College watching  life like a mountain stream  flowing by bearing  passing greetings with the autumn leaves. And there’s the occasional friendly meeting too, where a bunch of us get caught in a swirling backwater  for a few moments, circling in convivial chatter. We […]

Not The Life I Planned

4/   There’s  a  song that  goes: “ Life’s  funny, but I’m not laughin’.”    It’s from the Blues, of course. Personally, I know the tune –if you know what I mean – but I have a rather more English take on that sucking sound I called “my life”. Growing up in  the  Age of Plastics, i.e. […]

The Asking Price

5/    Life as we drive through it is mostly “ curves and round- abouts, with the odd straightaway,” as my British friends would say. Generally, the idea behind driving in England is to proceed obediently in an orderly fashion. Now, contrariwise, the French and the Spanish and especially the Italians are propelled with an added […]

The Eyes Of Time

6/    We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.                                               ( T.S. Eliot )   If  death is the end of the illusion of being a person, birth is the beginning of that  […]

The Good Ship Nirvana

7/      “Nothing is real but God. Nothing matters but love for God.”                                            ( Maher Baba )    In  sailing, as in living, there’s a place we all find our selves in, sooner or later –it’s  called the Doldrums. Now the term “Doldrums”  describes an area off the east coast  of  Africa well known and  […]

A Song To This

8/  There  is  This, this  Love. There  is  this, this  Infinitude. There  is  this, this  Silence. There  is  this, this  Mystery. There  is  this, this  Kiss. All  there  is is  this.