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POPULAR DREAMS: Death, Grace and Gio

 ” Death must be something extraordinary, as life is.”            ( J. Krishnamurti )            We’re going to talk a little about a dear friend of  mine that I have known for much of my life. But we’re not going to talk so much about his life here as we are his death. Because it was in his dying that […]

POPULAR DREAMS: ” Friend, What’s goin’ on here?”

  I am taking a moment to remember two people, one I knew all my life, and one a hero I never met or knew until today. We’ll talk about the new one now and the old one later, perhaps in a few days.  It’s  irrelevant to  name,  or say much specifically  about, the recent suicide of this NFL Superbowl champion  who’s note insisted on leaving […]


 Grace is always given when we allow it to enter the space usually occupied by believing the mind.   Our mind is a distracting illusion that obscures what we truly are. Or, in the vernacular: “Mind mists our glasses. Grace wipes ’em clean!” Our mind is innocently mis-taken for who we are.  We are graced when we hear but no longer […]


  The bridge of our mind spans this clear Space. It  arcs over the unknown, pretending to know, trafficking in meanings of “you” and “me”. Our vaunted mind in its terminal musings and endless begettings,  is the haunt of Hopes endlessly suffered. Even as this bridge connects minds to minds, it disconnects. It overlooks,  but […]


  “The best place to see God is in your garden. You can dig for him there.”      George Bernard Shaw. Truth is not a hobby for our feel-good collection, although it may bring solace. Nor is it spiritual entertainment, although it may bring delight.  It’s  not a luxury we can truly live without, even if we think we […]