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Jerry, Mary and Me

 Last week , I visited via Skype with Jerry Katz, editor of The Nonduality Highlights, and we discussed the search for Truth in our spiritual journey. The interview will “air” online @ Tuesday, April 5,  at 9AM  PST. (California time) I’ve been delighted to open my email every day to discover  jewels @ The Nonduality Highlights –   Thanks to Jerry, Gloria Lee,  and Mark […]


  It was raining heavily, I stepped outside, popped my umbrella and entered the colorful flow of  umbrellas bobbing along the sidewalk. Half an hour later the sun was out, I folded my umbrella and sat outside in the sunshine at  my favorite cafe watching with a gentle amusement as many of the same  people […]

POPULAR DREAMS: Do we have free will?

Perhaps a useful way to approach this is to turn to our own authority, to turn the question around: “do I or you have free will?” When I look into this for myself, I find that from early childhood, I have never had free will; that, in truth, I have always acted from fear, from […]

POPULAR DREAMS: Silence – the absence of noise?

All the world is a stage, as Shakespeare says, and we are the actors upon it. We “strut and fret our hour upon the stage, and then are heard no more”. Indeed, in these days of almost overwhelming noise, we are driven to seek solace in silence. At first, the silence we seek often is […]