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A FINE CONCEIT: Understanding the movements of the mind.

My particular spiritual journey was not through traditional meditation. It was more through the contemplation of high and noble Ideals; the adoration of Beauty but only in it’s beautiful forms of expression. Consequently, for decades, my spiritual friends and I concentrated on these selected aspects of life; they were the Ideal, and we were cultivators […]

ILLUSIONEERING: The Invention of problems

We live in a kind of  “underlife” in the shadows of what neuroscience recognizes as six basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise. Oh yes, and joy!  That’s  the one that keeps the other five from totally overwhelming us! It makes for an occasionally agreeable deception, doesn’t it?  But not often, and never for long. […]


“ In a million small moments, life shows up!”  Adyashanti.                                                                                                                            Living is like unwrapping a gift…curiously… slowly. Like now.  My eye falls gently on a small note in these small moments when I’m alone and inspired to jot something down. This particular old note from the Bible reads:  “A holy life has a voice […]

A REALITY CHECK: Untangling the mind

     Almost all of our suffering comes from challenging and resisting reality.      Reality is nothing like we think it is. It is hereness.This hereness may or may not include thoughts which come and go but are not believed and engaged in as “real”.      Reality does not deal in the minds ideas and ideals […]


Hi James –  I just discovered your blog today via the Nonduality Street interview you did with Jerry. Your writing really resonates – thank you for posting it! I’m writing to request your e-book in PDF form. Also wanted to say that I am getting ready to travel to Fairfield, Iowa in a couple of […]


Here’s a link to an April 2011 audio interview:

POPULAR DREAMS: Peace and Understanding

I was sipping my Dragonwell tea and tasting a little J. Krishnamurti this morning when I stumbled on this: “The unknown is not the future but the present.”  Isn’t it strange how we think that we know what’s happening now but don’t know what’s going to happen in the future? Our conditioned body/mind experience of […]