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NATURAL WELL-BEING: Action and Activity

(FIELD NOTES: III) All paths are formulated along “desire lines” to get one to go somewhere other than here. They lead away from the truth we already are. (Field note, May 3/12) I saw a sign at the foot of an old wooden outside stairway the other day; it read: “Watch your head – low […]

COMMENTARY:Nonduality is going mainstream

One of the delights to watch these days, in the news and in the cafes’, is the emergence of the non-dual message into the mainstream. I’m moved to share this from BBC News today: “Comedian Russell Brand has fulfilled his role as an unlikely compere for the Dalai Lama in Manchester, as part of the […]


Without a willingness to listen, to be aware, we spend our life “doing time.” (Field note, April 17/12) The well spring of natural well-being is affectionate awareness. This is an awareness that is loving because empty. Empty of prejudice, of opinions, of all the instilled cultural, psychological and philosophical knowledge we take or assume to […]