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(22) LIVING HERE: A Three Bedroom House In Carefree, Arizona

We listen to our mind like our car radio. It feels some days like we’re driving along with the radio cranked up and angsting every time the street lights start to change, never change and always change! Fortunately, those sirens of our mind are not where life is lived; they’re where life is thought about, […]

(21) LIVING HERE: Nonduality – A Revelation Of The Obvious, In Action.

I had a thought when I was three Since then I’ve been dreaming I was me. Nonduality is a kind of revelation of the obvious. Like real love, which can only be truly known in its verb form – loving – nonduality can only really be known by its action. In an ultimate sense, it […]

(20) LIVING HERE: A Note On Waking Up

…Hi F, thanks for the note. I’ll try with words to convey the wordless here; please do not read this with your mind, but with your innate knowing, like a letter from a lover who you know you have met, but forgotten – lost in the fog of getting caught up in the worlds activities. […]

(19) LIVING HERE: A Present that’s not for “you”.

It’s a curious thing, life. People always say how it goes by so fast. Truth is, we run through it so fast. We’re in such a hurry in our heads and hearts, to grasp experiences – to touch, to taste, to hear, to smell, to see, move, think and talk. In truth, we live in […]