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REAL PEACE and a ‘Natural Well-Being’ Course Premier!

James, I thought you might enjoy this: (above) This cartoon, also from the New Yorker, has been on our fridge for a couple of years now. Funny and true, P. ******************************************************************************************* Now – speaking of launches! – here’s the official posting of my upcoming course starting Oct. 23 here in Berkeley. If you’re in the […]

(24) LIVING HERE: Losing Face

For the past fifteen years or so, I have watched the sunlight and the lamplight play across a pair of 1800 year olds on my dining room buffet. They’re Han Dynasty (200 BC – 200 AD) Chinese terracotta funeral figures, about 15 inches tall; one is an Archer (left in picture above) with wide sleeved, […]

(23) LIVING HERE: Fidelity To Reality

INTRODUCING IDIOTMAN! I clipped a New Yorker cartoon the other day and still glance at it now and then with delight. There’s a picture of a wide-eyed, grinning man dressed up in a superman outfit with high boots and a cape; on his mighty chest is a large capital “I”. The banner above our guy […]