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LOVE AND BEING with Guest Teacher Nirmala

These last days of the year 2013 are a good time to reflect not so much on what has passed in Time, but what does not pass. In that regard, the other day I was gratefully contemplating reality and friendship, returning to the perpetual themes of sharing this love and being, when the article below […]

(29) LIVING HERE: Love, and the Fire of Time.

“It’s life’s illusions I recall, I really don’t know life at all.” (“Clouds” by Judy Collins) For some of us who are earnestly exploring our real self-nature, the fading of another year is a good time to listen to the bells, and not just the Christmas variety! And so I offer this soft ringing reminder […]

(28) LIVING HERE: The Feast of Life

(Part two: ALWAYS HERE) THE FEAST OF LIFE A mind-sourced life is the way most of us live our entire lives. Like Cinderella, we rarely get invited to the Ball – to this Feast of Life. Most of us will run through the corridors of our mind looking at our own portraits of reality as […]