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(21) LIVING HERE: Nonduality – A Revelation Of The Obvious, In Action.

I had a thought when I was three Since then I’ve been dreaming I was me. Nonduality is a kind of revelation of the obvious. Like real love, which can only be truly known in its verb form – loving – nonduality can only really be known by its action. In an ultimate sense, it […]

(20) LIVING HERE: A Note On Waking Up

…Hi F, thanks for the note. I’ll try with words to convey the wordless here; please do not read this with your mind, but with your innate knowing, like a letter from a lover who you know you have met, but forgotten – lost in the fog of getting caught up in the worlds activities. […]

(19) LIVING HERE: A Present that’s not for “you”.

It’s a curious thing, life. People always say how it goes by so fast. Truth is, we run through it so fast. We’re in such a hurry in our heads and hearts, to grasp experiences – to touch, to taste, to hear, to smell, to see, move, think and talk. In truth, we live in […]

(18) LIVING HERE – May Our Guns Go Silent.

Let’s continue this little report on living here with a caveat: I make no claim to know anything other than love, and, like Walt Whitman during the Civil War, pretty much find myself to be all that really interests me these days. That “myself” includes you; we are not, and have never been, separate. And […]

(17) LIVING HERE: Self – An Inner Light

The Buddha once said: “The cause of all suffering is ignorance”. It is this innocent “not knowing” about our inherent Oneness – this ignoring of our one-self nature – that has, and continues, to create such worldwide suffering. And it is only in the knowing of this source of our suffering that we may find […]


Here are a few pieces I’d like to share with my NDL friends! We’ll start with an amended letter exchange on Depression and Reality, follow that with another (famous) letter on the same subject from Rainer Maria Rilke and finally offer a delightful duet of poems from my NDL friend Wilcox Snellings! Be well! James […]

Part 16: LIVING HERE – The Eyes Of Time

We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. T.S. Eliot If death is the end of the illusion of being a person, birth is the beginning of that illusion. At birth –and for the first […]

Part 15 – LIVING HERE: The Asking Price.

Life as we drive through it is mostly “curves and round-abouts, with the odd straightaway,” as my British friends would say. Generally, the idea behind driving in England is to proceed obediently in an orderly fashion. Now, contrariwise, the French and the Spanish and especially the Italians are propelled with an added reckless tiger in […]

Part 14: LIVING HERE – Do we have free will?

Perhaps a useful way to approach this subject of will is to “pop the hood” so to speak, and look at the machinery inside a little; to take a look at the wheels-within-wheels and to seriously pose the question: “Do I have free will?” When I look into this for myself, I find that from […]

Part Thirteen:LIVING HERE – Bedtime Stories

As very young children, we’re told fabulous bedtime stories. Even if our parents never actually read stories to us, we take in all of our life-story at the nipple of life, so to speak. And what we’re fed adds not only flesh to our bones, but ideas to our head. From birth right up to […]