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(48) LIVING HERE: Beauty in the absurd.

A feathered friend said to me “Keep that sense of absurdity. It’s easy to find, you’d have to be blind To look at life and not to see The real beauty in absurdity.” “Beauty resides in flawed things” said she to me “In what delights our curiousity. And you’re so really not unlike me It’s […]


I’m inclined to post a few of these daily delights, for stress. Be well! We can live for – or with – money and things. Happiness lies in knowing when enough’s enough. Like music, we’re all the same design…with variations. Be like a plant; love where you are and you will flourish. Feel free to […]

(46) LIVING HERE: A Brief History of the Timeless…kinda!

I just watched a fine video of physicist Stephen Hawking, author of “A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME” and am inspired to post these few, random observations about the timeless. I must of course, declare here and now that I do not know anything – only a little about things- but am merely passing on some, […]

(44) LIVING HERE: From Understanding to Innerstanding

* The mind maintains itself though opposition, comparison, division…we’re systematically educated to “compare and contrast” things to demonstrate not so much understanding as “knowledge.” * Real understanding is not cerebral or emotional which is the domain of the ego; it is impersonal, universal, true perception that is supra-sensual, supra-mental. * We don’t learn to understand; […]

(43) LIVING HERE: What words say and don’t say

* We often use words to disguise our fear, to hide our ignorance, to pretend to know something…words become beliefs we mistake for reality…we forget that words are symbols that re-present; they tell us about reality. * When believed, words form a mind-made experience of a “world” chock full of conflicts and the need to […]

(42) LIVING HERE: Ripples like notes, found here, there, everywhere.

* And all your prayers for tomorrow, and all your cares for today, will soon pass away. (An old note, perhaps from an old song, found in my book today) * There is only one prison and it is belief in thought. The good news is that it’s all imagination. * Here’s a song from […]

(41) LIVING HERE: Ripples and the grace to grow

* It is necessary to not only grow, but to outgrow. (Vedanta) * We grow by tending and feeding new shoots, not by maintaining old growth. * It’s often useful not to repeat and therefore sustain, life’s experiences, but to do lots of things once and move on. * Repetition strengthens conditioning and produces reactionary […]

(40) LIVING HERE: Waltzes In Wonderland…an absurdly short story.

* At considerable risk of perpetuating the Story of Sin and Redemption, and out of respect for my readers, plus my tendency toward brevity and a creeping sense of humor, here’s a very short story for a thrilling one-page Western titled: WALTZES IN WONDERLAND… Via Dumpsterland (subtitle) Looking for something he never lost, looking for […]

(39) LIVING HERE: Circles on water

*“I go among trees and sit still. All my stirring becomes quiet around me like circles on water.” – Wendell Berry – * In watchfulness, nature gives us a tutorial in design and function, economy and ecology. * Our nature is one of perfect ease and contentment, here and now. * “Rest in awareness” (Adyashanti) […]

(38) LIVING HERE: Ripples and pregrets