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(43) LIVING HERE: What words say and don’t say

* We often use words to disguise our fear, to hide our ignorance, to pretend to know something…words become beliefs we mistake for reality…we forget that words are symbols that re-present; they tell us about reality. * When believed, words form a mind-made experience of a “world” chock full of conflicts and the need to […]

(42) LIVING HERE: Ripples like notes, found here, there, everywhere.

* And all your prayers for tomorrow, and all your cares for today, will soon pass away. (An old note, perhaps from an old song, found in my book today) * There is only one prison and it is belief in thought. The good news is that it’s all imagination. * Here’s a song from […]

(41) LIVING HERE: Ripples and the grace to grow

* It is necessary to not only grow, but to outgrow. (Vedanta) * We grow by tending and feeding new shoots, not by maintaining old growth. * It’s often useful not to repeat and therefore sustain, life’s experiences, but to do lots of things once and move on. * Repetition strengthens conditioning and produces reactionary […]

(40) LIVING HERE: Waltzes In Wonderland…an absurdly short story.

* At considerable risk of perpetuating the Story of Sin and Redemption, and out of respect for my readers, plus my tendency toward brevity and a creeping sense of humor, here’s a very short story for a thrilling one-page Western titled: WALTZES IN WONDERLAND… Via Dumpsterland (subtitle) Looking for something he never lost, looking for […]

(39) LIVING HERE: Circles on water

*“I go among trees and sit still. All my stirring becomes quiet around me like circles on water.” – Wendell Berry – * In watchfulness, nature gives us a tutorial in design and function, economy and ecology. * Our nature is one of perfect ease and contentment, here and now. * “Rest in awareness” (Adyashanti) […]

(38) LIVING HERE: Ripples and pregrets

(37) LIVING HERE: Today’s Ripples…non-tweets from the Redwoods

I just returned from a hike in the majestic Redwoods north of San Francisco. A smiling hiker paused as he passed me, and said: “these Redwoods sure take you to church, don’t they?” Indeed! And while I don’t send Tweets (I am a fan of twitters along the path!) I sometimes take little notes. I’m […]