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(37) LIVING HERE: Today’s Ripples…non-tweets from the Redwoods

I just returned from a hike in the majestic Redwoods north of San Francisco. A smiling hiker paused as he passed me, and said: “these Redwoods sure take you to church, don’t they?” Indeed! And while I don’t send Tweets (I am a fan of twitters along the path!) I sometimes take little notes. I’m […]

(36) LIVING HERE: Ripples…and Opinions

Don’t like this Don’t like that, Think a dog outta be a cat? (old song) * The mind-made “me” is a cluster of received and conceived opinions. * It’s possible to function well in life without having opinions. It’s impossible to truly love with them. * Feel free to not have an opinion! *

(35) LIVING HERE: Ripples In Time…the truth of it.

* Words cast shadows on the truth. And the most powerful words continue to cast their towering shadows over centuries of mankind, shaping, influencing and imprisoning our entire human, cultural, psychological and especially spiritual, experience. * To find the truth of it – that which casts those shadows, it may be useful to gently and […]

(34) LIVING HERE: Todays’ Ripples in Time…

* Ripples – like this daily series of deliberately short statements which it seems we’re beginning to present here – make waves by perpetually building on themselves. * Ripples are the movement of formless energy taking the form of vibrations; our body/mind experiences these ripples as sensations like seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, tasting and thinking. […]

(33) LIVING HERE: Ripples in Time

These ripples are dewdrops in time and space, related, concentric, connected, all One. From many directions these whispered words blow a breath of the unknown on the surface of what we think we know: Life dances in circles, languid, liquid lap, lap, lapping…lap, lap, lapping…laughing, laughing… *To die is to trans-port – to be transported; […]