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A note to myself: Don’t get stuck anywhere. One of my teachers –Nisargadatta- said wisely and well: “A man who claims to know what is good for others is dangerous.” He later also said in I AM THAT, that “Teachers are like milestones.” Indeed, for many of us spiritual veterans, there can be miles of […]

NEELAM: The Importance of Honesty in Experiencing Presence and Knowing Who we Really Are.

Sometimes we begin to think that presence is something in particular. In our eagerness to learn and find out about presence, we begin to make presence into an object. We begin to make it into something we can identify and put into a little box . We create a little corner somewhere in our minds […]

LIVING HERE: Being Aware Of Little, Quiet Things…

The view from here is of the whole, from the whole. “To be aware of little, quiet things, you need to be quiet inside. A high degree of alertness is required. Be still. Look. Listen. Be present.” (Eckhart Tolle. Photo: Norman Fox, Vancouver BC).

THAT’S WHAT I AM (The Caravan Of Life)

Walking late all over this old world looking around and around, and what I see seems so simple to me ’cause everywhere I go I’m just seeing myself tonight. You don’t have to wander far to see the stuff of what you are. Going back to the starlight cause that’s what I am. and that’s […]

LIVING HERE: Hell’s In Our Head

Hell seems real wherever we live, long as we live in our head, in our beliefs about what’s real. …Talking about knowing reality, here’s a Walt Whitman, Song Of Myself, excerpt, apparently about the occasion of his ‘waking’ up: Swiftly arose and spread around me the peace and knowledge that pass all the argument of […]

TEA WITH J.KRISHNAMURTI: Belief is the Denial of Truth

“Stillness comes only when you understand the whole process of thought, because to understand the process is to end it and the ending of the process of thought is the beginning of silence.” Question: Belief in God has been a powerful incentive to better living. Why do you deny God? Why do you not try […]

NEELAM: The Role of the Nervous System in Awakening & Freedom

The more we have capacity to Be Here with what is, we find that which is really powerful, really amazing. This really creates a deep way to embody and deeply know how to be here, no matter what arises. It also creates that spaciousness that can be with anything, anywhere. It doesn’t really matter what […]

RESONATE KNOWING: Real Natural Happiness

In our search for real happiness, it seems we all travel in diminishing circles to eventually return to where we started…here. Those years and years of mining for diamonds, of trading in synthetic silks, have taught us their lesson of great price. We know, deep within, not only that all that sparkles is not gold, […]

NEELAM: Obstacles to Practice

When I speak about Practice I am not speaking about a practice of Becoming – like becoming Presence -because Presence is our True Nature, we are already It and it is already Here! So when I speak about Practice I speak about training of our attention and about growing of the capacity of our nervous […]


The shadow of a personal self invites us to turn around, to look at the looker, to see that the seer – that which is actually seeing – is not a personal self, but spirit, itself. “When the deluded in a mirror look, they see a face, not a reflection.” Manjusri, The Kings Dohas Indeed, […]