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THE CLARITY OF PEACE.One of the things about real, non-personal love is it acts without prejudice and its’ conflicts. In aware living, there’s a seeing of all the mind-generated ‘problems’ wholly, from love…that love includes what is, and rather than react from cultural, social, traditional conditioning – those ideas, ideals and feelings we habitually bring […]

[ finding real peace, dept. ]

In truth, we’re walking each other home. Anonji It seems passion is about as rare these days as peace. Turns out though that the two are the one, of course. Passion and compassion (loving) arises from peace. From our deepest urge for peace. Peace is the absence of conflict – not in the world out […]

[ war and peace, dept. ]

Perhaps, to find the nearest war – and peace – all we need to do is sit home, turn off, tune in and watch the parade in our mind. After all, it’s the mind that produces all conflict, that makes war and, when not burdened with belief, rests in peace. To find real peace, all […]


“YOUR PAIN IS THE BREAKING OF THE SHELL THAT ENCLOSES YOUR UNDERSTANDING.” * I remember when and where I first met Kahlil Gibran, so to speak. I was a married twenty five year old junior marketing guy, away on a rare business trip, sitting in awe beneath the black star studded heavens on a crystal […]