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[ the world we never know, dept. ]

So, what is the real world we seemingly step into every day? That’s the question we’re going to explore here a little, but first, there’s this caveat: I don’t know and no one does. Indeed, no one can tell us what’s real – reality is directly, immediately and comprehensively known only by itself. Indeed, it […]

[ seen and noted, dept. ]

* Absorbed in our daily reading and thinking, it seems we often turn our back on reality – the ‘heaven that lies around us’, yes πŸ™‚* A life lived in pattern without rhythm is mere repetition.* Reality, aka, life, isn’t limited by personal thoughts and feelings we have about it. When we believe them, we […]

[ a fresh bundle of small delights, dept. ]

Peace and joy are at the heart of all inspiration, yes. In that vein, here’s a randomly assembled collection that’s inspired me this morning; some of you may endure..ah, enjoy, these little candles too. It further occurs to me that this ‘fresh bundle of small delights’ is inspiring its own production here. πŸ™‚ as I […]