(40) LIVING HERE: Waltzes In Wonderland…an absurdly short story.

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* At considerable risk of perpetuating the Story of Sin and Redemption, and out of respect for my readers, plus my tendency toward brevity and a creeping sense of humor, here’s a very short story for a thrilling one-page Western titled:

Via Dumpsterland

Looking for something he never lost,
looking for peace whatever the cost.

First Chapter: Dumpsterland

Leaving Home at sun down.
Heading for a fun town
Smilin’ like a cowboy clown
He couldn’t put his gun down

Last Chapter: Wonderland

Sitting in the sunlight
Happy to Be here alright
Outta the ring, outta the fight.
Finding joy in travelling light

* The peace of understanding is the source of gratitude and delight. Enjoy your self!

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