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Always and only love  topples the walls within.

Always and only love topples the walls within.

“M” and I first met a few weeks ago in a cafe in Seal Beach, CA. He was sharing a poem he’d just composed sitting in the light by the window; he showed it to me and we began to talk about it in the context of searching and how writing can be a tool to explore “outside our self” ie. the world, or, more usefully, “inside our self.”

The following is our edited conversation which I feel moved today to share with the NDL community. When I look for the motive here, I find only love.

Hello James,

Thank you for the messages. I’ve had a trying week and am sad to say I did not keep up with my writings. I’ve been productive in other ways, but when I procrastinate in other areas of my life, I do not feel the gloom that I do when I am not tending to my deep thoughts. I think a better balancing strategy is in order. Either that, or I am at a crossroads and need to travel one road and not worry about the other.
Decisions are difficult.
I remember you cautioned me not to get too wrapped up by a thread of thoughts.
I may be guilty of exactly what you warned me about.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the many things we spoke of when we met. The subject that I am revisiting most is that regarding questions and answers. I have some thoughts I would like to run by you and I hope to put them to words and send them your way after I finish my plumbing duties this afternoon.

I hope you are well and appreciate you.


Thanks M, I’m delighted to hear you’re becoming more engaged in this important transformation. What you’re experiencing is “normal” in spiritual life; first comes the need for us to “understand” then, with sufficient appreciation, comes the simple “recognition” of who we are and what this is. To begin (and continue) all that seems to be necessary is to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN.

I am about to go hiking in the Redwoods today; the peace and quiet of nature is very restorative and I’m sure you’d get a little more clarity if you took a nice long walk/hike somewhere…in any case, it’s essential for us to rest in a quiet inner space to let irrelevant things die down and allow our real nature to arise and present itself to our subtle awareness…

​”​Decisions are difficult.

I remember you cautioned me not to get too wrapped up by a thread of thoughts.
I may be guilty of exactly what you warned me about.​

​Don’t worry about decisions; let the thoughts flow, including the guilty ones; clarity and understanding will emerge. Just follow your deepest urge “lean into what you love” and you’ll get some answers to your questions… your questions will change as you explore them…ultimately, even your questions will disappear! Adyashanti has an excellent book: THE IMPACT OF AWAKENING​ which I feel you’d like a lot.

It’s like a thirsty man digging a well; just keep digging deeper into one place that really interests you and you’ll find the water . (Water is an ancient symbol for Truth)

​I invite you to stop, look and listen to your inner voice, and to let me know how it’s going and how I can help…
I appreciate you too.

Hi James,

When in Drought…
Let the levees gently give way!
and let truth serve the day

…Thank you James,


to M
“When in Drought…
Let the levees gently give way!” That’s an essential understanding M, and its truth will serve you well all your life.

Yes, let the power of truth (which one of my teachers, Adyashanti, said is “nuclear” and which I have confirmed directly) lovingly dissolve those culturally, psychologically conditioned “levees” Remember, this is not about doing anything; doing battle, fighting-for-the-cure, confronting, resisting; it’s about simply seeing our inner thoughts and feelings and recognizing not so much what is real, but what is false. This vulnerability to our fears and desires can be painful at first, but that will pass and you will discover your real inner beauty, peace and harmony. From there, it’s all good!

Love is the key to open all doors.

To access our own true/real nature – “it takes one to know one”, it takes love to access – to know- our loving self nature. So never force things or host impatience; whatever arises, simply see and embrace it fully in the moment, and immediately allow it to move on. In the words of Leonard Cohen:

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There’s a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

Everything and every experience can be our teacher if we’re open…welcome what is happening (fear, wonder, anger, confusion, a smile, belief/non-belief, delight, sadness) – all are passing mental states/images, word “labels” about reality, Look closely, with affectionate awareness.

You are that which is watching the game, the play; sit and stay on the audience side; be a spectator of the spectacle, You are the source that is viewing the minds’ streaming; it will show you something about yourself as you, the watcher, remain lovingly detached. This is meditation.

…Be well! and stay in touch with your loving nature, my friend!

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