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      Ten Simple Truths:

  1. We cook up our world every day using the same old recipe. No recipe, no sameness.
  2. The love that lasts forever is the love that has no future, no past.
  3. M.I.A. (Missing In Action)  As our “life” rolls along , we may be graced to discover that something’s missing! We’re often not sure when and where or even what went missing in all the action! But then, in stillness, we might see that what went missing is the truth of our Self.
  4. Peace comes naturally when we stop trying to figure out how to make peace, and let this moment be peaceful.
  5.  You can’t go anywhere without bumping into your Self.
  6. We always suffer when we argue with what is.
  7. We think we’d be happy if only God would grant us a nice pension!
  8. Our body/mind conditioning erects its high, razor-wire perimeter fencing, but only as long as we believe it. In truth, there is no fence, no gate, no inside, no outside, no “me” to call anything “mine”. No conditions.
  9. Love, and you kiss your Self.
  10. Genesis is always beginning, always now.

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