(63) LIVING HERE: Love’s the Only Answer

April 14, 2018 | | Comments 0


I was nibbling on a little “Thomas Merton” this morning and he inspired the poem below. But first, here’s some of what he said way back in 1962 that’s even more appropriate to living today:

“News becomes merely a new noise in the mind, briefly replacing the noise that went before it and yielding to the noise that comes after it…we live in a time of no room..when everyone is obsessed with lack of time, lack of space; with saving time..projecting into time and space the anguish produced within them by the technological furies of size, volume, quantity, speed, number, price, power and acceleration.”


From where do we arise
in beginning the day?
Where do we go at night
when control slips away?
What do we suppose is happening
At the end of the day?

Those marble Gods and you
aren’t talking like you did before.
So how do you pray
after walking out that holy door​?
What do you do​
​when you can’t believe anymore?​

There’s no need to answer
no need to reply.
I was just wondering,
I don’t know why.​

Still I’m happy, happy to say
there’s no end to life,
nothing real passes away.
Trust love, step out of the fray,
Relax in not knowing
and you’ll enjoy the play!
Love’s the only answer
At the end of the day.

Love’s the only answer
At the end of the day.

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