A REALITY CHECK: Untangling the mind

April 18, 2011 | | Comments 0

     Almost all of our suffering comes from challenging and resisting reality.

     Reality is nothing like we think it is. It is hereness.This hereness may or may not include thoughts which come and go but are not believed and engaged in as “real”.

     Reality does not deal in the minds ideas and ideals about  it. It is the simple  truth of this moment; never fixed, always happening…now.

     Reality cannot be touched by our limited mind. Mind conceives and re-presents its interpretation of what is based on its memory of what was.

     Reality is ultimately unknowable by the body/mind; it is what we are.

     The recognition of reality evokes this sweet benediction…a constant thanking…a yielding into  what must be… a floating wherever  this lifeflow floes, not knowing, not caring if our story book is written in poetry or prose.

     Reality never starts, never finishes. It is unborn existence…the simple fact of life being known by life.

     Once at Cold Mountain, troubles cease, no more tangled, hung-up mind. I idly scribble poems on the rock cliff, taking whatever comes, like a drifting boat.                  Han Shan

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