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VISITING VOICES: J C Tefft, Awakening unto the Presence of Pure Awareness

A former athlete, teacher, and entrepreneur, JC is a critically acclaimed author, video producer, and spiritual teacher who corresponds with students worldwide. His insights will go well with a warm cuppa! 🙂 INQUIRY FROM A DEAR FRIEND: As you know we were in each other’s presence back in the ‘70’s when you had your first […]


IT SEEMS.. it is always the mind/ego that produces contradictions and divisions…that verbally manufactures ‘our’ personal ‘self’ and its opinions about reality. In (mindless) reality – in what is – there is no opposition – indeed, there’s total co-operation and a beauty that arises out of the celestial harmony. This oneness of life that knows […]

Living in Wanting, NY

When I was a small child, I moved to a place called Wanting, NY. You know the place, right? It has a population of 7.2 billion and it pretty much covers the earth! Wanting, NY. is not so much a US town, as it is a state within a state in which most of us […]

VISITING VOICES: J. Krishnamurti, on virtue and mutation

..“THOUGHT IS SLUGGISH, POSTPONES, TAKES SHELTER IN THE ILLUSION OF GRADUALNESS, IN IDEALS, IN TIME. “Through time mutation is not possible. The very denial of time is mutation; mutation takes place where the things which time has brought into being, habit, tradition, reform, the ideals, are denied. Deny time and mutation has taken place, a […]

(67) LIVING HERE: All We Can ‘Do’

We each seem to find our way like a river to the Oneness. For some of us ‘miners’, like me, we had to finally stop digging. In my case it mean’t giving up everything that “I” (my conditioning) cherished…we lighten and grow in that unqualified, unfiltered, light. Best we can ‘do’ is sit by our […]


I wish you all a happy and therefore, kinda fearless 2019.. Nisargadatta tells us how:“To make happy, be happy!” I just finished a cuppa Dragonwell green tea with this video and am moved to post it on NDL. Rupert Spira is compassionate, timely and insightful… Love, and be well 🙂


(Here’s a note from 2010 that seems relevant today) “ Suppose…suppose…” Wyatt Earp’s recorded last words were those, I read somewhere… We’re all living legends – that is, we live the life that’s handed down to us; the Legend that finds us just at the time we’re looking for it! For me, as a boy, […]


A note to myself: Don’t get stuck anywhere. One of my teachers –Nisargadatta- said wisely and well: “A man who claims to know what is good for others is dangerous.” He later also said in I AM THAT, that “Teachers are like milestones.” Indeed, for many of us spiritual veterans, there can be miles of […]

NEELAM: The Importance of Honesty in Experiencing Presence and Knowing Who we Really Are.

Sometimes we begin to think that presence is something in particular. In our eagerness to learn and find out about presence, we begin to make presence into an object. We begin to make it into something we can identify and put into a little box . We create a little corner somewhere in our minds […]

LIVING HERE: Being Aware Of Little, Quiet Things…

The view from here is of the whole, from the whole. “To be aware of little, quiet things, you need to be quiet inside. A high degree of alertness is required. Be still. Look. Listen. Be present.” (Eckhart Tolle. Photo: Norman Fox, Vancouver BC).