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(66) LIVING HERE: “Time Is In The Timeless”

Here’s this morning’s inspiration from “The Book Of Listening” by Jean Klein: “The moment when the seen brings you back to the seeing is a timeless moment when you live in your will feel clearly that there is no separation, that time is in the timeless.” “Find yourself in the absence of objects (activity)..and […]

(65) LIVING HERE: This Beholding This.

It seems that time and space are objectively experienced by the ‘six senses’ that may or may not, be delighting us just now! Still, we can be grateful and appreciate what a truly awesome embodied mystery all THIS is! And… there’s the simultaneous BEHOLDING of all this: Absent all sensual experience, (which we ‘personalize’ as […]

A STORY OF SPIRIT: Walt Whitman (Part Two, the last)

The First Step. “Beginning my studies, the first step pleas’d me so much, The mere fact, consciousness, these forms, the power of motion, The least insect or animal, the senses, eyesight, love, The first step awed me and pleased me so much, I have hardly gone and hardly wish’d to go on any farther, But […]

A STORY OF SPIRIT: Walt Whitman (Part One)

Finding a voice. In school days back in the 70’s, I heard that some dead and forgotten American poet had said that “All truths wait in all things.” But I never figured I would or even could, begin to find it in London, Ontario, where I lived for 38 years within sight of the hospital […]


“I have noticed that sometimes people speak of our planet as a thing. This attitude will not lead to the feelings of closeness and affection that would move us to take care of the earth. As we know, the earth is not a dead rock floating in space. It is a living system, in itself […]

A STORY OF SPIRIT: Sister Perpetual Hope (End,3 of 3)

A CONFESSION. Now, here’s the confession I mentioned earlier; I’m somewhat relieved to get around to it sooner than later! Truth to tell, Sister Perpetual Hope seems kinda alive for me, and I kept wanting to explore her more and didn’t want to hit the brakes! But it’s time to end this string of words… […]

A STORY OF SPIRIT: Sister Perpetual Hope (Part 2 of 3)

“We would rather be ruined than changed” W.H. Auden. Sister Hope, as most called her, was always inscrutable to me; I felt much of her joy and most of her suffering, but something about her always remained a mystery after all. I came to know a few things about her, like her “real” name was […]

A STORY OF SPIRIT: Sister Perpetual Hope (Part 1 of 3)

Note: I’m on Retreat at home and have just completed the below which I’m moved to post here. It’s about 3000 short words in length, so I’ll post it here in three parts to make the task more surmountable for those like me, who like to indulge their reading in short bursts! 🙂 In truth, […]

(64) LIVING HERE: Where Life Lives

HERE, WHERE LIFE LIVES We need not rush out – Life is afoot with itself. It rushes in, takes us here with immediate wonder incessant grace. Light fairly splashes in even the tiniest holes. There is delight in simple being we are home here, where life lives.

(63) LIVING HERE: Love’s the Only Answer

I was nibbling on a little “Thomas Merton” this morning and he inspired the poem below. But first, here’s some of what he said way back in 1962 that’s even more appropriate to living today: “News becomes merely a new noise in the mind, briefly replacing the noise that went before it and yielding to […]