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[ peace actually, dept. ]

A sincere seeker may encounter reality and goodness when left to himself in the woods. ~ Anonji It sounds trite but true: “The only way out is in.” The inner recognition that what we are isn’t what we think we are, changes everything. We discover we’re not psychological conditioning, not that ego/mind driven ‘person’ that’s […]

[ the courage to doubt, dept. ]

It takes real courage ie a deep active willingness, to doubt, to listen, to learn directly; to see what we think and believe is ‘true’, and to simply see that there are deeper questions calling for attention. Questions like “Who am I really?” Perhaps, one may instantly see not what one is, but what one […]

[ life is a gift, dept. ]

It’s been a wonderful year, full of gifts received and given, some delightful, some disguised and perhaps not appreciated until later, in a quiet pausing and a deeper pondering of the beauty of it all. In truth, life is good. May we grow in love and rest in simply being this Christmas. Love all, and […]

{ morning light, dept. } BEDTIME STORIES WE TOLD OUR SELF.

As very young children we are told bedtime stories. Even if our parents never actually read stories to us. We take in all of our life-story at the nipple of life, so to speak. And what we are fed adds not only flesh to our bones, but ideas to our head. From birth right up […]

[ reality in fact, dept. ]

“Am I aware of you if I am prejudiced against you? My prejudice projects itself and prevents me from looking, and therefore I am not aware of you. To be aware, I must be aware of my prejudices, of my likes and dislikes, aware of my conditioning, that I am a Dutchman, a Hindu, a […]

[ bottom lines, dept. ]

Belief shapes experience. Opinions bar understanding. Fear avoids knowing itself. Courage lies in not knowing. Peace lies in not needing. Joy abides in aware attention. Grace abounds in self-knowing. Acting from love is harmless. At bottom: be still, rest here, enjoy your Self. 🙂

[ if you can’t recall the writer, you can still recall the tune, dept. ]

This, from one of the great wonderers of the world – Albert Einstein – was slipped under my e-door this morning:“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”Indeed, and let’s add a little grace note here on the ‘direction’ we may also be well advised to look: Look deep into your inner […]

[ the texture of life, dept. ]

The other day, in passing by an I-phone-engaged couple wandering remotely together in a store, I was particularly ‘touched’ to hear Elton John singing his Rocket Man as he’s circling the brilliant blue earth below:“Some things look better just passing through… And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time‘Til touchdown brings me ’round […]

[ living here beautifully, with all the noise, dept. ]

It’s raining and the tree branches are elegantly waving and bobbing and bidding me to join them outside my window as I sit here in the old wingback chair simply watching the various comings and goings – the ‘experiencing’ – of life and living while writing this little missive to myself. It’s a vague urge […]

[ truth gets lost in the tellin’, dept. ]

Some years ago I bought in my travels, my one and only bumper sticker and promptly buried it in my basement; years later, after searching all over the world for “The Truth” (It’s complicated, or so it seems) I found it – the sticker – again and, moved perhaps by it’s growing relevance to my […]