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[ the nature of awareness, dept. ]

There is only One awareness, aware of the universal oneness of itself, fully. It’s nature is our nature: peace, love, beauty – the enjoyment of watching one’s whole self unfolding. There is no subject/object, cause/effect, aka duality. Words believed conjure a personal duality and therefore division, apparently.This one awareness is intimate but not personal and […]

[ music is living, dept. ]

“The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not mov’d with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treason, stratagems, and spoils; The motions of his spirit are dull as night, And his affections dark as Erebus: Let not such man be trusted.” William Shakespeare. I just vaguely recalled and gogled the above, […]

[ identity, free from want, dept. ]

~ Ultimately, in realizing one actually lives in – and is – the unknown, we’re free to not already know, to not need to know; to stop dissecting a frog and pretending we know what a frog is, so to speak. Free to abide aware and unattached to any and all phenomena that appears and […]

[ what we are in fact, dept. ]

In living here, questions fall away. We no longer see a ‘world’ according to our beliefs – those believed opinions that shape experience and personalize it. Looking from pure awareness, we see what is, as is, without opinions/beliefs. It’s that nonpersonal, ‘aware’ perspective of our inherent common awareness simply ‘seeing’ without knowing…lovingly, wonderfully, truth, […]

[ seeking is believing, dept. ]

Beliefs mire one in conflict and confusion, and prevent self-knowing; paradoxically, deep self-knowing restores harmony as it reveals the peace of our aware self-nature. Belief in being a person among other persons – an “I” and a “you” – conjures, divides and creates conceptual separation where in fact there is none. What prevents realization? Stories, […]

[ “Many are called; few are chosen,” dept. ]

The cause of suffering is separation, apparently. But in reality nothing ‘separates’ but belief.Belief divides, apparently. But not actually. Indeed it seems that suffering from belief in being a separate and real ‘person’, can be either transformed here and now, or variously hindered and delayed, for a lifetime…or until our story ends. 🙂Either way, that […]

[ what’s always new, dept. ]

In aware living, one is always finding out; always curiously alert and engaged and subtly astonished. There’s an innocence in meeting the moment as it presents, in appropriate relationship and response. In fact, that’s the common condition of a global awareness that’s stripped bare by the immense, the unadorned, the plain beauty that presents itself […]

[ words believed, and love, dept. ]

As a retired, partly reformed wordsmith and erstwhile photographer, my ‘world’ came crashing down when I happened across this pix of an old abandoned library. 😉 Not really. But it was a nice surprise to somewhat revel in this fine visual metaphor of words wearily withering; the faded fallen leaves under the weight of time; […]

[ no idea what we are, dept. ]

Grazing lightly on the news these days, it seems these times are like all times: full of confined, contested and conflicted humans variously and consistently repeating all the common errors man is heir to. There’s apparently all the historical desires and familiar fears, but now they’re globally amped up by social, story-based media, and the […]

A STORY OF SPIRIT: Jack the Gardener.

Here’s a rainy day short story for the long-form readers among us. 🙂 It was written in 2018 about my time renting and living in an old stone cottage (top pix) on an estate in an English Cotswold’s village in 1991. It was written in five parts posted separately over two months and I’ve combined […]