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June 19, 2022 | | Comments 0
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There is, in fact, no such thing as ‘separation’ in reality. But that misplaced truth doesn’t seem to keep us from thinking and believing contrariwise, so to speak. Let’s go straight to where all separation, conflicts and ‘problems’ arise: the personal mind – the Great Divider. That alone – albeit only symbolically, apparently, with words and beliefs – carves out and serves up the personalized ‘experience’ called ‘me’ and ‘you’ every day.
Indeed, we seem to become what we believe, with its cultivated conflicts, despairing confusions, endless denials and redoubled delusions, desired pleasures and feared pains. Every day is showtime, right? And that’s a lotta supposed ‘self’ to keep airborne, to keep filled up and inflated and off the rocks, yes 🙂
The good news is it’s all in the mind; in the things one thinks one believes. In truth, our nature is none of the above.
The real Peace of what we are is found in deepening inner self-knowing; in benevolently, choicelessly, watching all the movements of mind and feelings. In quietude, we find there’s peace and delight and compassionate living only in letting go of all control; in sailing fearlessly close to life as it presents, in harmony as waves and winds. In knowing that peace is what we infinitely are. In aware living, as it happens. 🙂

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