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Ideas about truth can make great “spiritual” entertainment…  they may touch and deeply resonate in our awareness:

  •  Be still to know that you don’t know.
  • All that is, is you (spirit) in full expression.
  • An aware living is not a hobby; a daily something we do or don’t do.
  • Life is spirit manifesting.
  • Death is spirit in form returning to the unformed.
  • It’s all love, including illusion.
  • Discontent is a grace that can urge us toward awakening.
  • “What’s going on here?” is a potent inquiry.
  • There  must be a rending before there can be a mending.
  • All this is your entire body.
  • Things just happen; sometimes we like them, sometimes we don’t.
  • There is only one reality which includes our thoughts about it.
  • We touch reality in unconditioned stillness.
  • “You” are an invention of a conditioned and limited mind.
  • At root, we are always and only, content.
  • Peace is our natural heritage.
  • The mind re-presents what is and creates our personalized version of nonpersonal reality.
  • Lean into Uncertainty –that way lies truth.
  • Life flirts with itself all the time.
  • An inspired life has no meaning or purpose; it is life in its expression.
  • Joy and sorrow are fleeting; love remains.
  • “Poor and content is rich enough.”
  • Love writes about itself.
  • Hang on to truth for the ride of your life!
  • Always check for illusion.
  • “The love bee stays deep inside the flower” Kabir

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