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December 29, 2022 | | Comments 0

In loving aware experience, there’s wonder, beauty and grace.
It’s all the movement of love, loving. It seems we’re moved and invited to grow and to keep growing without ever knowing. Being infinite. For me, these days, head and heart wholly include the gut, but the deepening here seems to best be described as ‘love, loving.’ And there’s no Identity that’s knower or knowing what love is. It alone is. Love is discovered in its acting, in its expression.


For me, in the story of the Pilgrims Progress, the ‘process’ – which was not always welcomed 🙂 – led to sincere inquiry; that inquiry continues in aware living day and night, moment to moment, both in and out of time. There is no effort, no division, no ‘watcher/watched,’ in this nonpersonal watching, experiencing.
“The word, the symbol, the idea, the memory, all that is interfering with observing and seeing.”
~ J Krishnamurti

Experience is awareness; it’s a modulation of awareness. All there is, is seen and felt – often with a degree of delight – in and as, body/mind sentient ‘consciousness’. In words: awareness is that Oneness, that primary source that begets only itself in duality, aka consciousness. Therein lies the personal story; the magic of myth seemingly begins, the child with a name is born, and the ‘personalization’ of experience that’s filtered entirely by a conditioned mind/brain and body, emerges in self consciousness.

Slowly, but surely, personhood becomes established, reinforced with beliefs in mind. That identity as a separate person dances its dance..”struts and frets its hour upon the stage”.. and – being finite – dies, apparently. That which we are is infinite awareness. We are it – all of its iterations.

Thanks for the dance, and be well. 🙂 🔆

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