FADING IN THE LIGHT – Book Review by John Greer

November 01, 2012 | | Comments 0

I have just finished reading James Waite’s book, Fading In The Light, Nonduality Insights on Living and Dying, and I loved it. It is a gem of uncommon clarity, and is written in an almost lyrical style that can be savored long after it is finished. His gift for written expression gently draws the reader into perspectives on living and dying unfamiliar for most. Probing beneath the surface of conventional thinking and conditioned assumptions not often examined, Waite offers a nondual view of the human condition and our almost universal angst about death. It is a collection of especially effective pointers to what lies behind appearances, and life as we know it. Reality cannot be found in the mind. Ideas and feelings must give way to the stillness that lies behind them. The author doesn’t get into discussions of past or future, but stays firmly grounded in Now, the timeless silence and source of our Being. In contrast to mainstream conceptions of death, Waite describes it as a return to our true nature, like a cube of ice melting back into water. Our conditioned views and memories dissolve and we return to what we are and always have been. I highly recommend this book to all who yearn within for truth that resonates deeply in the human heart. For more info, please see:

Posted with thanks and appreciation for John Greer, author of Seeing, Knowing, Being: A Guide to Sacred Awakenings. For more details on his delightful and very informative book, please see:

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