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September 13, 2021 | | Comments 0
May be an image of sky, tree and text that says 'A Self-knowing Peace is both root and branch in aware living'

** Sometimes we come across a particular clustering of words that point wisely and deeply; they inspire and ‘ring true’, they deepen and widen our understanding of what we are and the world is. Perhaps the below will strike you powerfully too. Enjoy your quiet self 🙂

“I reject the present pattern of social structures, the nonsensical irreligious ways. I reject all that. So I am totally isolated. This isolation is not an escape to some form of ivory tower or into some romantic illusion. Because I see the futility, the divisiveness in the pursuit of self-interest and nationalism, in expansionism, in the irreligious life, I reject the total destructiveness of this society. So I stand alone. As I am not then contributing psychologically to the destructive consciousness of man, I am in the stream of that which is goodness, compassion and intelligence. That intelligence is acting, confronting the madness of the present world. That intelligence will act wherever the ugly is. “

— J Krishnamurti
(From The Whole Movement of Life is Learning)

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