Love and never parting.

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To our dear friend, Giovanni Puglia, to your heart and joy in living; curiousity and earnestness in relationship, friend: Thankyou for your generousity, your kindness, your laugh. I want to say ” your life” but we know this life was never personally “ours”. It has, and will always belong to love.  Infinite, beautiful, living love.

Gio, thankyou for these poems that follow below. They are from that  place where words dissolve beyond meaning; they reside here

Here’s to that peace you know and are,  and to this life well and truly lived! 



“There is No Dying”

There is no dying –

Then When we are born
To what purpose? What is our mission?

Is it to discover who we really are? And what does that mean?

To see the Light that makes our eyes shine – The brilliance of a child newborn

Are you talking about miracles? Within each moment there exist miracles –

Our profundity is hidden from our “who we think we are”

It exists in this world – A child can discover With the openness of a bird that flies

For that joy alone

The wings of joy are a human endowment –

 It contains within –


Most beautiful and wondrous like a rose Opening itself to you –

Like a mind that your hat cannot contain

Like the vibration of your body

That is sizzling with joy –  

( Written on November 23, 2009 )

“The Sweetness of the Air”  

The sweetness of the air I breathe –

 Grateful for my life force

To sing out Like a little song bird about my delight –

 Opening new doors Seeing new vistas Ah –

 The buttercups

How brilliant they shine with their yellow petals

 My heart is taken –

 Stepping on these ethereal stones

I am embraced in my own self

Love Whirling –  

( Written on April 14, 2010 ) 
“As I Sail These Open Waters”  

As I sail these open waters

How do I keep my bearing straight?

 How not to be disrupted – By the fog, the storms, hunger, and thirst

 Bring back again and again

Where am I?

Where do I want to go?

 Hold in mind my Love

 Bypassing the ego –

 Homeward bound where the veil is lifted

There you are

In your Father’s hands Embraced –  

(Written on April 19, 2010)

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