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January 31, 2023 | | Comments 0

The cause of suffering is separation, apparently. But in reality nothing ‘separates’ but belief.
Belief divides, apparently. But not actually. Indeed it seems that suffering from belief in being a separate and real ‘person’, can be either transformed here and now, or variously hindered and delayed, for a lifetime…or until our story ends. 🙂
Either way, that which one’s unborn nature is – peace, love, joy and the beauty of it all – is only apparently ignored, and on the death of the born body/mind, that infinite universal essence, aka ‘love’ which we are, remains, so to speak. Nothing real is gained or lost.

That love calls in many ways throughout ‘our’ lifetime that are subtle and usually uncovered with a settling of the mind in quietude and gratitude. Some few, it seems, recognize that subtle awareness is much more than a ‘personal invitation’; it’s deeply beyond religion, philosophy and stories about a ‘me’ or a ‘you’ that is – again apparently – ‘chosen’ to see and move beyond the noise and bling of the temporary body/mind fixations.

The personal story with its belief and suffering, ends in the direct recognition of knowing who one is not, ie the false, and what one is, ie the fact. A ‘fact’ – among other qualities – is never personal. One simply rests in unknowing in fact; in the fullness of seeing and being love. And in discovering its action, moment to moment, here and now. The pains of life and the personal strife in the living of it, may seem to continue, but there is no suffering attached. There’s a gentle watching, an allowing, a non-resisting of what is actually, factually, happening…to no one.

In truth, One is Love, and the subtle red thread of it is variously woven into ones daily experience in aware living. If that call becomes really very important to one, there may seem to be an elemental force that acts inside like one is being ‘chosen’…in fact, it’s not personal, although one may feel at times they’re prodded by their suffering. In truth, it’s all love, yes.
Love, and be well. 🙂

Ring the bells that still can ring,
forget your perfect offering.
There’s a crack in everything,
that’s how the light gets in.
~Leonard Cohen

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