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Hello James,

Sometimes it feels very disturbing to see our ego dancing before us
and ourselves not able to detach from its stories. It is upsetting to
know the hidden motives behind our actions which we never suspected of
playing the trick, most of the time these are our fear, defence, pride
in our possessions, judgement, anger etc. Because of ego I cannot
forgive myself or others, I cannot forgive my ego. Rarely I do
something because of love, mostly it’s ego. Even the personal love was
only ego, I never loved the person for what he was in his being, the
rejection I felt was ego. This feeling of being trapped in ego is
surfacing at an increasingly greater rate and it is frightening…..

As if I am watching my ego desperately trying to survive….. I wish
I could die now…. into something unknown….. not wanting to know

I find myself unable to help this frustrating situation. Will it end?
Why I am so powerless? Why ego is so much intractable? Please help.

With love


Hello D,

I’m just back from the Science and Nonduality conference ( ) It was full of wonder and deep connection!

Yes, there does appear to be a separate “me” and “ego”…in truth they’re the same. So let’s briefly explore our ego.

The ego is an invention of the mind; the mind is a sense like the other five. Combined together, the ego/mind and the body are this creature called “me” and “you” by this nonentity called “my ego”.

And who or what is this “creature” other than ego?

Ego is an illusion; it is all imagined by our mind which is programmed or conditioned by the cultural and natural eco-system we were born into. There’s nothing wrong here, of course. The ego is a product, an outcome of the nature of life. This Life in which we are one. ..a One that includes all.

The good news gets better! What we are is love. Not an egoic self love but a Self love- a love that loves itSelf. That delights in itself.

Nature is in love with it own nature, its self creations. Like the sun that shines on and nourishes organic life on earth., it just gives endlessly of itself.

Does some of this ring your inner bell? Let’s stop here, dwell in aware Self-loveing.

You alone can go past these words, these ideas…avoid the ego-minds concepts about this truth; know this truth for yourself.

Be well D. and please stay in touch.


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