Notes From Nowhere: CATCHES OF THE MONTH

September 16, 2011 | | Comments 0

From my notes this past month or so, here’s a few reflections that I’d  love to share. I catch ’em out of the air, like a deep outfielder for the Angels!

  • The Fraudulent Self -now there’s a title for a good story!
  • We are only so far from home as we believe we are.
  • Truth is only in this moment and nowhere else but here.
  • The ego’s  activity is a divided and conflicted, conditioned and reactionary response to living.
  • Truth is like the sun; it burns  even as it shines.
  • We can never know the Truth, but we can realize we are it.
  • All ideas are conditioned.
  • The games ego plays are all about maneuvering to get some conceived advantage.
  • In awakening, you get nothing…for nothing!
  • Seen on T- shirt: “REALITY IS A PRISON”…not really!
  • In-spiration comes like a gentle breeze when we stop and listen in simple silence.
  • Living an inspired life is easy: “take what comes and let go what goes.”
  • This Me is like a giant inflatable toy that awareness plays with!
  • All we can do is tell stories about the truth.

 Perhaps this years’ Science and Nonduality Conference will interest you! You can even watch it on your computer!  Here’s where you can look in:

I’ll be presenting at it on the theme of my new book: FADING IN THE LIGHT…Nonduality Insights on Living and Dying.” The book will be available on and Amazon, etc.  no later then October 18/11…it seems!  I’m kinda squinting and curious about the whole thing… seems we’re all spectators and speculators who have lost our spectacles!  Be well! James

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