OBVERSES – Meditations on Aware Living

April 22, 2012 | | Comments 0

Here’s the “first pouring” of an inspiration loosely titled OBVERSES .
First, let’s define what we – and Websters’ – mean, with the word
(1) “Turned towards one.”
(2) Constituting an opposite aspect of the same fact.
(3) Got by observation.
(4) The side of everything normally presented to view.

And the impulse right now is to begin right now, with these little ObVerses, some of which might help make pinholes through the veil:

In love, you disappear.

Thought loses it’s appeal with the direct perception of thoughtless reality. Look around kinda slow…do you see any “thoughts” out there?..

There is within
an urge that drips,
An urging to release
the confined meaning of words
and ceaseless sighing.
To free “freedom”
from speculations
about what it is.

Explore that sadness of failure,
that false gladness,
that identity you’ve worked
so longingly to construct,
that fabrication of what
real pleasure might be,
that image so heavy
long in its maintenance.
And it will be seen
that mind is just
And thought is
ideas we believe
about reality.

Sentient consciousness has an ego-center that thinks and reacts from its conditioning.

Awareness has no center, no experiencer called “me” who is experiencing. Only awareness is experiencing.
“Only awareness is aware”

Awareness is a place where friends meet.

This side,
in the cage of the minds
the known is treaded,
treaded worn and bare by
mind – manufactured
concepts of reality

The other side
is all possibility,
all potential
All flow is into a strangness
of open unknowing
strong as nature,
a force unknown
by senses and mind

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