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All One, in the morning sun.

A friend emailed, asked me “do you pray?” earlier today. I’m moved to share the response with my NDL community, along with my best wishes for Thanksgiving. Perhaps real thanksgiving is all about prayer?…James

Hi you!
For me, there’s prayer and there’s prayer…the first is a kind of bargaining; it arises mostly from a conditioned ego that wants something to be other than it is.

The second arises from love – from the heart – and it has no demands; its’ qualities are gratitude and compassion for self and “others” and the acceptance of things as they are

This prayer is not ‘religious” in nature, ie. a plea to an authority outside of one’s self, for or against, something. A something that’s always related to our personal desires and fears.

Rather, it’s a deep affirmation of, and abiding in, our natural well-being, or love…it’s a prayer to Self, from Self – a celebration of the miracle of life and a deepening appreciation of its fragile and passing nature. This prayer arises from our infinite, undying and permanent spirit.

All this is recognized by that ultimate alert watching-without-a-watcher that we may call “awareness” “God” “Love”

This awareness has no agenda; it simply is contented and delighted with what is. With this reality, and not the one contrived by the pleasure/pain making mind.

Sometimes, I am moved by small things.This morning, just washing the dishes and watching the wind-swept, water-colored sky fly by, evoked a prayer of joy and thanksgiving!

Life is good.


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