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May be an image of tree and nature

A sincere seeker may encounter reality and goodness when left to himself in the woods.
~ Anonji

It sounds trite but true: “The only way out is in.” The inner recognition that what we are isn’t what we think we are, changes everything. We discover we’re not psychological conditioning, not that ego/mind driven ‘person’ that’s always ‘being honest’ in creating and believing fear. In the seeing of that as fact, a switch goes off – we see the mind-made nature of our insecurities, confusions and frustrations and there’s no fear in the brilliant light of that awareness.
We are that choiceless awareness which IS only here and only now, watching all this passing fear, intimately, lovingly, constantly letting go. The contemplation of this reality deeply, daily, is the realization of real freedom simply to be a spectator. To stay way up in the bleachers.
Of course, there’s attention and care re food, clothing and shelter; there’s the instinctive need to ‘chop wood and carry water’ but heh, that’s life, and life is abundant and provident if we give it balanced attention – but not overly – knowing deeply that we really do not have any control of life itself – this immediate life which we are, like it or not.
Life is nothing, manifesting itself. It continues rising and falling and otherwise meandering as it will through time and space, living and supposedly dying, with nary a thought for us, apparently. 🙂 Best we can ‘do’ is rest in spacious attention without knowing. We love the miracle of simply being this love; there’s a wondering about all this without pretending or needing to know. There’s a delicate dance in being nothing and everything. In fine, Life is perfectly whole and sufficient; in aware living we’re always home.
Take a quiet walk home, inside. To paraphrase Thich Nhat Hanh, : “Some say it’s a miracle to walk on water; to me it’s a miracle to walk on this earth in peace” Directly Knowing our self as peace, actually, is freedom, joy and fulfilment. Love all and all is well. 🙂

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