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         Nothing is accumulated in the timeless.

  • There is no possessor, no possessing and no possessions.
  • Trust in your deepest knowing, step into unknowing and let life live.
  • The sun never sets.
  • You are being, appearing as human.
  • The Sanctuary of Self is indifferent to prosperity.
  • Truly graceful expressions are not about nonduality; they arise from nonduality.
  • Reality…what is, self-evident.
  • We look through the lens of our past experience to envision our future.
  • Beliefs condemn us to a constant repeating of  experience.
  • Life is not the continuity of thought about it.
  • After actions arise, there follows, like a drooling drunkard, the mind.
  • Mind judges action with its conditioned reaction, smashing the delicate truth with the blunt instrument of thought.
  • Don’t think about any of this!

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