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Even droppings carry seeds that may sprout!..

  • Living is like unwrapping a precious gift… slowly!
  • A word lovingly spoken changes everything.
  • The notion that you are not already awake is just a thought.
  • We don’t need a plan to start to walk in a new direction. Drop the map too, and all the other Spiritual GPS devices, and let awareness present itself.  That’s you.
  • Listen in stillness.
  • Willingness is all.
  • We head away from love and go in the exact opposite direction when we look for “meaning and purpose”. That’s just the  minds idea of reality, not the thing itself.
  • Let the life which you are, live.
  • The mind only knows; awareness is a constant unknowing.
  • We are hustled, hasseled and harried by our beliefs.
  • We are all afraid to die and afraid to live.
  • Not wanting is happiness.
  • Now is full of itself.
  • Thinking is the same as dreaming. Thoughts and images appear and disappear in this awareness which remains.
  • A stuffed mind has no room for love.
  • Throw these scraps of thought into the fire of Stillness.

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