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August 22, 2021 | | Comments 0


Seems in aware living we’re always saying “yes” to life as it happens. Part of that welcoming arises from the recognition of our true self as being nothing in particular and everything in general – the whole – both empty and full, so to speak. Indeed, in aware living there’s living paradox.
There’s a basic understanding: ‘Let nothing bind’ which wisely guides. That’s paired with: ‘Love, and be well’. That love wholly, ‘holy’ includes; it’s an action that’s always appropriate to a situation as it presents here and now. Love’s a non-personal (includes the ‘personal’) experiencing of this living moment; it’s pretty much all that seems to be going on in fact. There’s a constant shedding of the past and a effortless dwelling more and more deeply in this ‘active present’, this freshness of now, yes 🙂

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