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February 16, 2023 | | Comments 0

Beliefs mire one in conflict and confusion, and prevent self-knowing; paradoxically, deep self-knowing restores harmony as it reveals the peace of our aware self-nature. Belief in being a person among other persons – an “I” and a “you” – conjures, divides and creates conceptual separation where in fact there is none.

What prevents realization? Stories, believed. The bling of the Ego/mind creates notions of time and of becoming something other than what one actually is: contented and happy, naturally. Timelessly. Nothing prevents that immediate recognition other than a belief that one is not awake here and now. This is not theoretical, intellectual or even philosophical. All inner exploring of our self-nature can only ‘happen’ in This Present moment.

Also, it seems we get what we really want. I’m happily discovering the trail of aware learning and loving, moment to moment: each of us has to keenly sip, sniff and savor This Present moment to see the false as the false, and to keep discovering what one really, deeply, wants. My advise to myself: ‘Let Nothing Bind.’ and ‘Enjoy your self-nature.’ Explore deeply, earnestly, lovingly; there’s an uncovering that there is no “I” to get to some other “there”. Whatever one is, is always and only, here and now. Ditto reality.

So, in quietude, look here/now, and simply watch the parade. No shame, no blame. Allow whatever happens to seemingly prevent, to pass like guests. Let fears and desires present fully AND let them go, fully. In Zen: “drop’em like hot coal”. That’s aware living – a constant letting-go, aka, meditation. In allowing what is, we live in awareness here and now, well and truly, yes

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