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It seems the roads to truth are many, yet they all eventually lead to the same ultimate need to know “Who am I really?”… “What is this self I call me?” In my decades of consciousness studies, that question was never really directly raised or addressed, partly because it was too scary! And partly because my teacher did not know the fundamental nature of his and all being, and therefore could not point me in the direction of my true nature.Then along came Adyashanti, Nisargadtta and others like J.Krishnamurti, whose Commentaries on Living pointed out to me that ” Knowledge must be set aside in order to know truth” And that truth, from my perspective now, is Spirit, or Love..”.which surpasses all understanding”

Love is the ground of our Timeless being and apparent becoming in Time. Love is this vast and all encompassing existence, way, way beyond our most elaborate mental ideas about it. Likewise, the word “nonduality” points way beyond concept and definition; it’s a lived experience, or more fully, a living experiencing, of this, here and now.

“Love” includes, and is not limited, by thought or feelings, human and beautiful as they are. Love is purposeless; it has no reasons, no needs,no wants and insufficiency’s; no need for comprehension by the mind in search of meanings. Love makes no efforts to love…it simply is, it simply shines with the power of reality. That’s the power of love! We find it only when we bypass the minds compulsive movements to know everything, and allow for the truth that we do not know, and can never know our unlimited nature by our limited mind.

All thoughts are patterned and self-referencing, and of course, as a “sixth sense”, very useful for many functional things. But whether they’re ideal, religious or scientific, domestic or spiritual, thoughts are just a bunch of concepts and beliefs – stored fragments in memory – however noble or ignoble, complexly ordered and seemingly significant and “real” they may appear. Thoughts are symbolic; they re-present our limited view of reality. We think with words, often misunderstanding their limited symbolic nature, arising as they do, from our conditioned human nature. This programmed nature is binary and can never actually know the reality of this Oneness.

That reality we’re calling Love is not a conception but more like a perception; not a discovery so much as a recovery. A returning to our spiritual nature in which we find our natural well-being. It is what we actually are before we were born and after we die..

“Nonduality” is not a fragmentary approach; it seeks to convey a WHOLENESS, embracing the relative and the absolute. Like the spider I see out my window weaving her silvery web among the drooping flowers… What do we really need to know about that?

“To see the false as the false, to see the true in the false, and to see the true as the true – it is
this that sets the mind free.” (J.Krishnamurti)

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