SELF – TO – SELF: a letter of introduction

May 15, 2011 | | Comments 0

Dear Self,

  It’s Monday morning, cool, raining lightly, and the day is revealing itself slowly as I write to you with nothing particular to say. What I do know is that we’re alive and well! I sense in your explorations the same movement of spirit that resides in all humanity. We need to love that, don’t we?

To love not so much what we do, as what we are. To recognize that love is not about a “me” or a “you” – although our personal ideas and feelings are important in human relationships – but to also recognize the divine spirit of all life moving through us in all its different expressions.

We – self and Self – have the same genesis: this mysterious Life. An infinite aliveness that comes from the unmanifest source of all being. One which manifests its Self so beautifuly in, around and through that dreamed self we’re living. That self-life we call “ours” like we own it. It’s that personalized version of life we call “me” and say adamantly “it’s mine!” But no matter how well we dress the Joker up, life itself  just goes on behaving whatsoever way it wills.

  Meantime, in time, this “self” gets busy running out the clock, dreaming day and night that life is what it thinks  it is.  All of this just happens in the trajectory of our human experience. It’s an innocent misunderstanding that’s normal and natural enough, as far as it goes. But we come to see that  “self ” is delightful but very limited and finite in its expression. And that realization provides a great  introduction to our infinitely real Self!

That Self love that never goes away; that love that’s never personal; that undying Self love that we actually are.

So, to quote Meyher Baba: “Don’t worry, be happy!”

Let go of self and all it’s mind-made “worry”, and you will know your happy Self.   

Now… that puts a  Buddha smile on!..look at you!


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