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November 02, 2022 | | Comments 0
May be an image of tree and nature

Ah, awareness – here we enter mind’s contradictions and reality’s paradox. Awareness is nothing one thinks and believes it is. The dual mind cannot directly know what it can only – perhaps eloquently – picture and verbally describe, symbolize, represent.

Awareness is reality; reality is awareness. Reality has no subject with its object; it’s not personal, not egoic, not a concept; it never appears as anything ‘other’ than the constant ‘awareingness’ which it is, here/now. All that comes and goes is not real; that which we essentially, infinitely are – pure aware spirit – is all that is. There’s no ‘unreal’, only imagination that’s believed to be ‘real’. Like love, there’s no opposite to ‘reality’. It is. To know reality is to be it AND to not have any idea what it is… 🙂

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