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You are nothing but real, whole and happy already!

Everything  you thought you were is all illusion.

All thought by no-one, about no-one.

This no-one that you are is also everyone.

You are the whole of everyone and everything –

All  that is experienced

All that is known

All that is unknown

All that is false

All that is real

All identity masking  fear and hope

All that is human

All that is divine

Is contained, is happening

within this Oneness you are

and can only ever Be.

This is Joy

beyond pleasure.

This is Love

beyond measure.

This is the Truth

beyond comprehension

This is the Truth

beyond definition:

You arise and subside

in, as, and from

this  real, whole Truth

and cannot be other than

this that is always

absolutely , unconditionally

content and happy

with or without “happiness”.

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