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March 12, 2023 | | Comments 0

There is only One awareness, aware of the universal oneness of itself, fully. It’s nature is our nature: peace, love, beauty – the enjoyment of watching one’s whole self unfolding. There is no subject/object, cause/effect, aka duality. Words believed conjure a personal duality and therefore division, apparently.
This one awareness is intimate but not personal and limited to the personal; it does not concieve and believe mind’s labels that seemingly separate experience. Awareness includes. It’s a watcherless watching, like a spectator, fully both in but out of the game, so to speak. That’s living paradox and it can be intense, yes. Awareness is that noumena which is nonjudgmentaly aware of human sentient ‘experience’ (body/mind consciousness) AND not attached to any of that passing phenomena. It’s not an experience, not fully knowable with the limited body/mind alone.
In easing the mind in quietude and gratitude, in being peaceful, one finds peace aka awareness. Indeed, it takes one to know one… it takes awareness to know awareness, so to speak. ditto love, beauty, peace, yes. Love all, and all is well. 🙂
~ Cathedral, by Art Younge

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