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There’s a common thread with different colors in all our spiritual sojourning it seems. 🙂 I ‘believed my mind would supply the answers to the truth I became obsessed with and which pushed and prodded me in my early forties. I spent decades of devoted seeking in extensive daily studies and travels to spiritual centers of the Ancient Greek, Western and Eastern teachings; they brought a ‘me’ lots of knowledge but no real understanding and peace…one day – as the story goes – I happened to go to an Adyashanti satsang in Berkeley CAL, there was a sudden recognition that, as he said: “I am not my body…I am not my mind” That instant awakening rocked ‘my’ identity deeply, led to many more discoveries and an expanding self-knowing which abides. There’s a constant aware learning in each moment, and a peace in loving the beauty – the real miracle – of simply being without knowing.
Love, and be well.

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