The Uncarved Block

October 07, 2010 | | Comments 0


The uncarved block  contains

all  possibilities. Its  renderings

are  wonder  and  beauty.

From  One  it  yields  many.

From  No-thing, myriad  somethings.

From  Love  it  produces  Itself.

The  uncarved  block

is  clear, lucid, solid  as  Reality,

Yet  it has  no  qualities,

No  measure,  no  values.

It  contains  Life

But  does  not  hold  it.

Secure,  it  is  safe.

Full,  it  is  empty.

Wise, it  knows  Nothing.

Eternal, it has  no  beginning.

Endless, it  has  no  ending.

Wordless,  it  has  no  meaning.

Words  carve  its  many  facets

but  reveal  only  the  surface.

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