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So, what is the real world we seemingly step into every day? That’s the question we’re going to explore here a little, but first, there’s this caveat: I don’t know and no one does. Indeed, no one can tell us what’s real – reality is directly, immediately and comprehensively known only by itself. Indeed, it takes one to know one, so to speak. Like love alone knows love, reality is nothing we may think or feel or kinda intuit. It is.

In fine, it’s unknown because unknowable. Unknowable because we are wholly it. Like the eye cannot turn and see itself, reality is way beyond whatever our cleverly dulled minds can think or imagine we ‘know’. All mind – being binary, dual – can do, for better and worse, is sort and sift, compare and contrast, describe, value, label and otherwise obscure, reality. Mind, being ‘ego’, is the seat of personhood and its personalized experiences – those cultivated conflicts, wearying fears and despairing desires with their ambiguities and amplifications that have us sick and tired ‘Media-heads’ broadcasting how sick and tired we are, to a network of fretful friends and like-minded neighbors, to share.

Ah, but here’s the ‘good’ news: The beauty of reality is that it always wins. You can bet on that, so to speak.

Reality is not an idea, ideal or identity. Reality is what’s left – that unknown infinity that remains – when all forms and varieties of belief – including the believer – fall away. It’s what you are and this world really is…sans all personal preferences and denials. Some describe the Real eloquently, other’s clumsily; all are concepts, images and interpretations of the bodies organic senses, including the brain. What we are – and reality obviously is – is nothing and everything. No thing – empty of that personal thing called ‘myself’ – and simultaneously, fully, all that actually, viscerally, emotionally, is; all that seems so very real because so very personal.


In aware living, we give up believing in knowing. We rest in lovingly watching all that’s supposedly known, and we wonder. There’s no lack of experiences and accumulated ‘knowledge’. We simply allow that perhaps, maybe, some times, on occasion.. we do not know. And in truth, we’re quite happy not to know. Not to need that or any other compensation for insecurities we no longer have and hold. ‘Nothing’ does not mean there’s a lack – that there’s an absence, a certain something that’s always – in our experience – missing. That ‘Nothing’ is at most, half of the whole yes. 🙂


The Whole of reality includes all the minds ideas and the bodies senses ‘about’ a personal world it privately, conditionally, conceives and perceives as its ‘reality’. That reality or ‘noumena’ (unseen source) includes, – does not exclude – any and all sensual phenomena. That includes whatever is happening here and now that’s essentially changeful, beautiful, peaceful, joyful and wonderful – that delightful unknown ‘everything’ that we are…and then some.
In sum, this free spirit we are is a living paradox perhaps described with the single word: ‘and’… In timeless reality, there’s nothing AND, in time, everything.. AND whatever that really is, we are it too, yes.

Bottom line: In deeply discovering the Self, – only here and only now – we discover reality. AND in that direct, non-personal knowing of the whole Self, we know – without a shadow of doubt – what we wholly are: love. 😉

{ ‘The Parting’ painting by Rob Skipper }

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