Todays Nonduality TRUTH TICKLERS! :>)

November 23, 2010 | | Comments 0

#5  11/23/10

Our thought about objects in awareness creates our world – our personal “reality.”

For instance, cats don’t know they’re cats!  We think they are “cats”, they fit our description of them, and  the clever critters don’t argue with our projections!


Reality is really, really, thoughtless, until, as children, we become thoughtful! Then life becomes what we think about it!


We can’t find a personal self –any self – let alone something we commonly call “me”! The good news is that self is entirely what all this is –no thing and every thing! That is our self.


We do not learn to love. We are love.


When identity in body/mind settles out, spirit emerges.


Who smiles but me?   Who cries but me? Who curses but me?   All is spirit in infinite expression.


It’s all the same life we’re living!


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